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What are your new year's resolutions?

It is a tradition to start the new year by making new years resolutions, planning goals and ambitions you want to achieve. The struggle is how to keep them…

I have decided to not make any new years resolutions this year, but instead I want to make a more conscious effort to lead a healthier lifestyle. Whether that be by eating more healthily, exercising regularly or just looking after my overall wellbeing.

A lot of people find new years resolutions hard to keep, however even making small changes can make a big impact over time.

Breaking down your goals into smaller more achievable goals will help to keep you more motivated.

Taking time for yourself is very important for your wellbeing. Experiencing a holistic treatment can help us deal with life’s challenges in a calmer more collected way and also improve our mental health.

So this year don’t put too much pressure on yourself, make small changes and prioritise yourself this new year.

Love, Georgia x​

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