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Do you find yourself saying I'll just do this and then……….. relax!

This week’s inspiration was inspired from a conversation with one of our spa family last week, and I am sure it will ring true for all of us……………

I don’t know how many times during my life I have said ’I will just do this then I will relax, walk, exercise, read, meditate, etc. Why do we put ourselves last and not first? How can we change our priorities? What benefits will it have on us and our friends and families?

For me, self care has taken most of my life to understand and practice, it has improved but like everything, needs to develop.  I think as humans we need to realise that when we give ourselves some love and compassion, we can pass this on to others.  My meditation teacher continues to say “fill your cup up first “and this is very true.  It’s tough to change your priorities when work and family occupy so much of our time, but even the smallest change can make the biggest difference. Setting yourself some boundaries may assist with this process. We each have 24 hours in the day, 8 maybe asleep, 8 at work–so what do we do with the other 8 hours of our time. Could we disconnect our phones occasionally and use this time for some self care and love?  If you write a to–do list, why not include you in this, what about making an appointment for yourself for relaxation! What I have learnt this year is I am responsible for me, I choose what I do, how and when I do it.  Please take some self care each day I promise it will make a difference to your life.

I took the photo below just before I started work on our first day back opening after lockdown 2 . Such beauty in nature.

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