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Feel the fear and do it anyway

Before you read my weekly journal, I just wanted to let you know next week I am taking a few days off work, so I will miss my writing next week but promise to be back Monday 12th October. I will leave you in the hands of my wonderful team.

My mum would often give me the quote “ Feel the fear and do it anyway “  she loved the author Susan Jeffers. I think at the moment this is very apt.  Awaiting the next government announcements, watching the news, talking with family and friends is defiantly creating a fear . We don’t have control over certain aspects in our lives and I certainly find this hard. We really are living day to day and in the moment, “ now” is all we have. So are we going to let the fear stop us living our best lives, I am determined not to let “ this thing ( as Shar said this week ) control my life.  I urge you to do the same. Today I booked into the spa and enjoyed the most amazing reflexology during my lunch. I had lots to do and it would have been very easy to just carry on with my tasks. BUT, I choose self care and wow, I know it is my business but I am so privileged to work with such a talented team. During the session I felt the warm towels, the positive touch, relaxing music, peace…I also experienced for the first time the spinal reflexology that two of our team have learnt. I actually felt my tension lift away. Leaving the spa to return to my work felt so much easier.  I know this life is difficult for us all at the moment for so many different reasons but just a little self care is ESSENTIAL. As we head into the autumn / winter I urge you all to put yourself at the top of your list . Remember some time in nature, exercise, good food and the occasional naughty things plus of course a session with one of my team will get you through this challenging time. So as my mum would say . Feel the fear and do it anyway.

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