Pukka Organic Night Time Latte

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  • A wonderful night time drink
  • Make this part of your evening ritual
  • Relaxation herbs to help you drift to sleep
  • Easy to make and tastes divine

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  • Organic herbs with relaxing properties:

    • Ashwagandha  a tonic root which supports and nourishes all aspects of the nervous system and is particularly useful in conditions caused by long-term stress. Ashwagandha improves energy and protects nerve cells from damage.
    • Carob powder: Nutrient-rich, caffeine-free and contains polyphenols. It also has a high calcium content, which in addition to keeping your bones healthy and strong is essential to blood clotting, transmitting information along your nerves and maintaining a regular heartbeat.
    • Lavender flower: High in essential oils that relieve stress and improve sleep. Lavender’s relaxing effects are considered to be largely due to the essential oils present, whether inhaled, eaten or applied topically.
    • Chamomile flower: Contains relaxing essential oils that affect nerve transmitters effectively improving sleep quality. Traditionally, chamomile tea has been used to calm and to ease digestive complaints linked to nervous conditions.
    • Carob bean: A nutrient-rich, caffeine-free extract containing relaxing polyphenols. It reduces blood sugar while providing a sweet, chocolate-like taste, protects the stomach lining and is highly antioxidant.
    • Oats (gluten-free): Traditionally considered nourishing, especially used in recovering from stress-induced nervous fatigue and to aid restful sleep.
    • Nutmeg: A warming spice traditionally used to aid sleep and soothe a tense nervous system. It has a traditional reputation for its settling and calming properties in Ayurveda medicine. Stay asleep as well as fall asleep.
    • Cinnamon: Provides a gently warming, sweet yet sugar-free flavour while improving blood sugar control. Cinnamon has been found to have beneficial effects on blood sugar control by preventing insulin resistance and glucose tolerance, which can both be caused by sleep loss.