Embrace the Day Body Scrub

Made For Life
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Edible body scrub.  Natural beauty at its best.  A triple exfoliation due to the two grades of sugar and calendula petals. Helps to stimulate circulation and will combat cellulite.  Helps support the skin’s elasticity during weight loss and weight gain during pregnancy.  Gently polishes the skin leaving it with an uplifting fragrance of lemongrass.

Great as a preparation for self-tan.  Nourishing, and will prolong suntan.  Can be used in bath or shower – dissolves.  !00% biodegradable.  Soften, soothes and brightens dull skin.  Invigorates and uplifts the skin and mind.  Great for hands and feet to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells.

Great pre-shave treatment for legs.

Use on dampened skin.  Apply in sweeping motions – always towards the heart.  Use one a week to uplift the body and mind.  Turn temperature of the water in your shower down to below 16c for a final toning treatment. A perfect workout for the skin.

The perfect partner for a Made for Life Body Balm or Oil.