Daily Radiance Face Oil

Made For Life
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100% organic pure plant gold.  Lightweight dn ideal to use as a daily moisturiser for a fresh faced look or a base for foundation – giving a perfect natural glow.  Can also be added to your foundation for an extra dewy look.

May also be used as a serum or night treatment – “ a hug for the skin at night”.  Perfect for all skin types including rosacea and oily skin due to its anti inflammatory properties. Vanilla encourages skin cell renewal; wheatgerm heals damaged skin due to vitamin E, rose hydrates and replenishes.

Will help skin feel softer and more hydrated when applied at night – can be taken down to the décolletage.  A little goes a long way.

Comes with a dropper to measure the perfect amount. 2-3 drops is enough to replenish and moisturise for a natural glowing beauty.

Vegan and Vegetarian friendly

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