Brightening Facial Exfoliator

Made For Life
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Free from microbeads.  The natural way to exfoliaye  and nourish with hand-sifted chamomiler stamen! Removes  top layer dead skin cella sdn improves product absorption. Great for scarred skin as it stimulates blood flow and circulation.  Great for oil skin as it clears pores and reduces spots and blemishes.  Antispetic due to the chamomile and rose and is anti-inflammatory and hydrating.

Important part of any skincare routine.  Can even be used on the lips. Can also be used on more sensitive skin by applying on top of the facial cleanser for a soft gliding exfoliation.

Use once or twice a week depending on skin type. Less is more – a pea sized amount will be enough for the face and décolletage.

Apply in small gentle circular motions avoiding the eye area.  Focus on areas with open pores.  Remove with a warm damp cloth and use any excess on back of hands.