It’s all about ageing well! A non-surgical, non-invasive face lift without being remotely painful.

The Zone Face Lift is a blend of facial reflexology using traditional Japanese facial techniques and ancient Native American healing practices. It has been described as ‘healing hands, a rhythmic flow of treatment and deeply relaxing’.

It naturally stimulates the collagen and elastin from the inside, tightens, plumps and sculpts the neck line by smoothing and uplifting the face.

Facial reflexology follows the principles that ‘zones’ and points on our face correlate to different organs and systems in our body- like foot reflexology. For example the way we hold our face affects how our body behaves (overall health- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)

Clients are left feeling refreshed with a glowing complexion after having just one treatment! It has been recommended to have a course of 12 treatments close together to achieve a much better result. In addition to this programme it will help release emotions held in the face, leaving you looking, softer, happier, youthful and calm.

Nutritional guidelines will help to enhance longevity of results, therefore 80% of the time one needs to have a balanced lifestyle.

We are very excited to be bringing this amazing new programme into our spa. It complements our ethos entirely.

To celebrate the new launch of the ‘Zone Face Lift’ we are offering clients an amazing £10 off when you book in for your first treatment (55 minute service- £65 before discount until the end of October) alternatively if you would like to book and pay for a course upfront you will receive 12 treatments for the price of 11 treatments just £715 making each treatment just £59.58!

Let’s see you all age well!?