Holistic therapies focus on how the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements of the body are interconnected to maintain wellness, or holistic health. One part of the body or mind not working properly is believed to affect the whole person. Holistic approaches focus on the whole person rather than just on the illness or part of the body that is not healthy. Enjoy our variety of therapies and feel your stress melt away.


First practised by the ancient Egyptians, this treatment is a supremely effective holistic method of healing. By applying gentle pressure to particular areas of the feet (which relate to specific parts of the body) a whole host of ailments can be relieved. Reflexology is great for stress relief, digestive complaints, back pain, fertility problems or just for you to step off the world for some peace and quiet.

Options Time Price
Reflexology 55 mins £44 Gift Voucher
Reflexology 25 mins £32 Gift Voucher
Hot Stone Reflexology 25 mins £35 Gift Voucher
Hot Stone Reflexology 55 mins £48 Gift Voucher