Our body treatments allow us to create individual, effective solutions to meet the needs and requirements of your body. Whether it is to detox, deep cleanse or rehydrate – the choice is yours.

Hot Lava Shell Tummy Detox

This is a natural version of the colonic cleanse. The digestive system is improved and regulated with massage strokes around the abdominal area and lower back.  Soothing heat and gentle massage stimulate the body’s natural systems to eliminate toxins and reduce bloating. This treatment will leave you feeling comfortable and with a flatter tummy for days.

Options Time Price
Hot Lava Shell Tummy Detox 25 mins £35 Gift Voucher

Detox Ball “Colonic Massage”

This treatment uses a 1 kilogram glass ball which will give your colon and abdomen a serious ‘work out.’

Options Time Price
Detox Ball Colonic Massage 25 mins £35 Gift Voucher

Glacial Shell Detox Treatments

This is the ultimate development in ice therapy (cryotherapy) that targets two problem areas: the stomach and the legs, tackling congestion areas (such as the small and large intestine), and stimulating the lymphatic system to encourage the body’s own natural purification. This invigorating treatment eliminates toxins, whilst the therapeutic contrast of hot Lava Shells and cold Glacial Shells creates the ultimate contrast, promoting wellness and balance.

Options Time Price
Glacial Shell Detox Massage 55 mins £55 Gift Voucher
Glacial Shell Detox Hip & Thigh 25 mins £38 Gift Voucher

Organic Lemongrass and Marigold scrub

The lemongrass and marigold scrub uses 100% organic caster sugar and soft brown sugar which work to exfoliate and polish the body, whilst the olive oil gently moisturizes your skin, leaving it super soft and silky.  This is a full body treatment that includes body brushing and application of body firming oil.

Options Time Price
Organic Lemongrass and Marigold Scrub 25 mins £35 Gift Voucher

Cranberry Salt Scrub

The cranberry seed and Dead Sea salt exfoliation gives an intense body buff treatment to remove dead skin cells and leave tired and mature skin glowing and youthful.  This is a full body treatment that includes body brush, scrub and application of warm oil.

Options Time Price
Cranberry Salt Scrub 25 mins £35 Gift Voucher

Detox Back Treatment

Begin to relax with a mild exfoliating treatment to polish away surface dead skin. A wonderful mud masque will be applied and you will be wrapped in warm towels while your scalp is massaged you will drift away and to complete this back treatment a warm massage oil will be applied.

Options Time Price
Detox Back Treatment 25 mins £35 Gift Voucher